3 Minute Teaching With Tech Tutorial – Socrative (Student Response System)

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Check out how Easy This Popular Free Tool is for Gathering Student Feedback During Class or Giving ‘Live’ Quizzes

Socrative is a powerful yet simple Student Response System that lets students respond to ‘quick questions’ or full quizzes using smart phones, tablets, or computers. Teachers love it – its very popular.

Check out the newest 3 Minute Teaching With Tech Tutorial to see how easy it is to get started with Socrative!

Watch the full set of 3 Minutes Teaching With Technology Tutorials in this playlist:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKv1W3kJyW4&list=PLVj5ks82jnjBgAct6_jWCgOx3PetmjfMA.

Here’s are some of the other free applications covered in these quick video introductions:

  • LessonPaths: Assemble digital content (yours or web based resources) into a linear “play list”
  • ed.ted.com: Flip any YouTube video, add a quiz and additional resources, and deliver it privately
  • Remind: Free one-way texting to students, parents, etc.
  • BlendSpace: Mashup up digital content (web content, or your own) into a single, fun learning resource
  • Movenote: Record a quick video to go along with one or more pieces of digital content for your students
  • Tackk: Have an online discussion around one or pieces of digital content (delivered privately if you wish)
  • EduCanon: Add quiz questions to any video with ease!


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