Flip Your Class With the Side-Study Add on

–Originally published at ActiveLearningWorks.com

Take a look at how to flip your class using the Side Study add-on! This is a lesson that incorporates reading, videos, and interactive questions to prepare students for class. 

Also, it uses free open source content. Basically, it’s a custom interactive textbook.

Learn all about the Side Study add on here.


  • Thank you for sharing, Jason. This is an amazing tool, and it’s free! I had never heard of it before, so here’s another reason to read the posts on this invaluable community resource.

    • I just visited the website, and it’s not completely free for instructors. There is a payment of $10, but it’s not clear whether that is per month or a one-time fee. Can you tell us, Jason?

      • Hi Birgit
        We do actually have a completely free plan that allows you to use Side Study for all your assignments! There is also an upgraded plan for $10/yr for a teacher/school that provides additional features. There is no per student cost. We just implemented the free plan recently and need to update the website. Glad you like the tool!

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