“Flip Tip” Video: Checking out the Recap App for Video Responses

— Originally posted on FlippingEd.net

This year, in our district, there is an emphasis on “presentational literacy” where students should practice how they speak in more formal situations.

In this flip tip, I show how Recap helps students do just that.  It allows for you to ask your class a series of questions and then they respond individually with a video.  The video can vary in maximum length and future due dates can be set up to a week out.


The power of this app comes in the form of several features.  First, it has a formative assessment tool that makes getting quick feedback easy.  Second, it has a comment section that allows you to provide feedback to the students about how they are presenting.  Lastly, it has a share feature that allows the otherwise private video responses to be shared on social media.  That is what we call motivation for student to do well!

Thanks to Recap, by Swivl, for an awesome  video app!  And, if you want to see a complete list of all my flip tips, feel free to click on over!

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