FlipTech2020 Revisited – Institutional Transformation

Institutional Transformation

Carolina R. Buitrago, Juliana Diaz and Kaithie Ramirez

crbuitrago@unica.edu.co kaithie.ramirez@unica.edu.co

Twitter handle: @crbuitrago   @KaithieRamirez   @tchju 

We would like to share the path we had to cross to help all the teachers and students in our institution to transform their practice in times of quarantine. We will explain the process from not even having an educational technology department to a whole institutional implementation of flipped learning and technology mediated instruction. We would also talk about the process and procedures put in place to help teachers in all walks of life implement technology in their classes. And we’ll share the plan that we constructed for the second semester of the year based on the lessons learned during the first semester.

Presentation:: CLICK HERE 


Coming soon…

Does this sound like something that you might be interested in developing a presentation for?  Here (potentially) is your chance. The FLN is considering a spring 2021 version of FlipTech and a little further into this series we may be opening an opportunity for you to participate.  For now read, view, and enjoy the articles in this series with an eye to how you might participate later this spring or summer.

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