FlipTech 2021 Is Coming July 13th-July 15th!!

The FREE-to-Attend virtual conference is back again this year with pre-conference presentations, big keynotes, and tons of live discussion with the presenters!

#FlipTech2021 July 13th-15th

This is a fully-online event July 13th-15th in which presenters from all over the world will release digital pre-presentations to be viewed by participants starting July 9th. Then, on July 13th-15th, there will be scheduled video conferences in which attendees can discuss, question, and interact with the presenter.  The goal of this FREE event is to simply encourage dialogue around “Looking Forward” into what teaching and learning in the post-Covid classroom looks like.   

The process is simple:

#1 Check out our keynote and session topics  – bit.ly/fliptech2021sessions 

#2 Fill out the “Free Attendee Form” so we can email you all of the specifics and give you access to our conference platform provided by Edmodo! – bit.ly/fliptech2021freeattendee

#3 Starting on July 9th, view the awesome pre-conference presentations, videos, podcasts, etc. from our conference presenters to prepare for the live sessions.

#4 The LIVE conference begins with an opening keynote with flipped learning author and pioneer Aaron Sams

… and that kicks off three awesome days of keynotes and sessions that cover all types of topics well beyond flipped learning with folks like Carolina Buitrago, Helaine Marshall, Crystal Kirch, Hassan Wilson, Angela Barnett from #3rdchat, and so many more!


Two opportunities each day

We scheduled this year’s event in two blocks each day; each block has a keynote presentation and a set of specialized discussion sessions with our many presenters.  The two blocks happen in the U.S. morning from 9AM Chicago time to noon, and then again in the U.S. evening from 4pm Chicago time until we wrap up with a more informal digital happy hour at 8pm.  The schedule allows much of the world to join at least one of the two conference blocks at a reasonable time locally!  We have a wide variety of presenters, and if last year is any indication, we will have a variety of attendees. Education is in transition around the world as we have all been impacted in different ways throughout the last year. Come hear how others have met the challenges of their experiences and join a rich conversation that is “Looking Forward.”


Please plan to join us July 13th-15th as the Flipped Learning Network offers a free online virtual conference bit.ly/fliptech2021freeattendee



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