Thank You All for the Ongoing Inspiration and Motivation (#Flipblogs)

Thank you. Gracias. Merci. 

Considering a topic the other day for a new #flipblogs post, while awaiting the imminent start of the school year, this one quickly came to mind. After all, I had just watched Andrew Swan’s interview with Aaron Sams, who somehow always manages to be inspiring.

It’s been a while since I took a moment to says thanks, to all of you – readers, bloggers, flipped learning friends and colleagues, teachers everywhere who try hard every day to do right by their students. So many of you manage to motivate and encourage me from day to day because of your effort, your caring, your words. 

My ten year journey in edtech would have ground to a halt long ago if it weren’t for the energy I get from engaging with teachers like YOU.

It can be so discouraging watching your kids experience teachers who don’t care, teachers that are self-absorbed, sometimes mean, maybe just boring, or otherwise not student-centered. But I know from personal experience that there are many of you who do care, who do try, who take every student to heart.

It can also be frustrating for many us, watching educators in the schools we work in who have that safe-stuff-different day mentality. And then there’s to CAVE people (“Colleagues Against Virtually Everything”). But then you talk with someone who is going out of their way to help a student, give them some encouragement, make a little extra time for them, and you breath a sigh of relief and appreciation. 

Your students need teachers like you. The world needs teachers like you. Keep it up. And thank you.


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