#Flipblogs Challenge Day 1: A New September = A New Start

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I always look forward to September. Maybe it’s because I am a “September baby”. Maybe it is the way I love the fall season (as short as it seems to be, here in NY it only tends to feel like fall from around the middle of September until Halloween). Of course, the school year starts in September* in this neck of the woods and that always feel like a new start *(for K-12 anyway…many colleges start towards the end of August). 

Later this month I will embark on teaching a course I have not taught before. I will be teaching a course titled “The Service Industry” in our upcoming evening term at The College of Westchester. This is a fast paced, 8 week term that lends itself well to blended/flipped learning. There is a lot of content for students to consume outside of class, partly because of the need to meet those oppressive clock hour requirements. Our Adult college programs are hybrid, designed to meet the needs of working adults while also recognizing the challenge of working all day and then coming to class. The courses meet one night a week, and we’ve shortened class length a little by building out an appropriate amount of learning content for consumption outside of the classroom meeting time. 

This is only the second time I’ve taught this particular delivery modality. I welcome the chance to work with adult students, and in a higher level course (so they should all know the rigour these 8 week sessions require). It makes for a long day. I’ll be at the school from 8 AM until about 9:45 PM these days (my main role is CIO, teaching is one of several ‘side jobs’, and a very important one!). Thankfully it is only for 8 weeks. 8 fast weeks. It really is a challenge and an opportunity for these students to hit the ground running and stay on top of the work load for two straight months. And for me, it is a privilege to work with them and do the best I can to help them learn, enjoy the ride, and succeed.

#FLIPBLOGS! Educators everywhere are invited to participate in the 2018 “flipblogs” challenge! We’re striving to write 20 posts in 20 days and share them on Twitter and other social media using the hashtag #flipblogs. The posts don’t have to be specific to flipped learning, but they should be germaine to the world of education. Come join us! 

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