Defining F-L-I-P & Finding Resources


Knowing what flipped learning is and isn’t helps you find the right resources

By: Matthew Moore

The Flipped Learning Network was formed to provide a source of accurate and informative resources and training to those looking to investigate and practice flipped learning.  If you take a look at, you will see hundreds of posts that include articles, blog posts, and even whole video series that cover topics addressing almost any content area and target student-age.  Among my favorites are articles about international studies on video watching for learning and podcasts with elementary school flip practitioners.   

With this in mind, FLN Board Member Kate Baker has a new blog post on the BookWidgets Blog that is a great primer on flipped learning.  Click here for her post.  This post is a wonderful compilation of personal resources, resources drawn from the FLN, and many other sources that provide a great doorway into the definition and some best practices for flipped learning. Please take a few minutes and check out this post, and don’t be shy about poking around here at for even more information and ideas!  As a volunteer organization, we are here to help you, the educator, and want to provide resources for your classroom.

Many of the contributors to this volunteer organization wear many hats as both professionals and hobbyists, and that creates some very interesting relationships and collaborative opportunities. Over the past month or so, Kate Baker has sent out a call for early testers of some new BookWidgets features as part of her professional role, but if you have been around flipped learning very long you should recognize Kate as a contributing author to Flipping 2.0: A Practical Guide to Flipping Your Classroom, as a long time board member of the FLN itself, and a prolific presenter as part of out various flipped learning conferences, in addition to her many other presentations and trainings on various education topics.  It is collaborations and work from so many like Kate that keep the flipped community and the Flipped Learning Network, specifically, a great place to find resources for your classroom.  If you are a flipped learning practitioner or have something you feel would fit with our mission and would like to submit a blog post, article, etc for consideration on our site, please drop us a note in our “Contact” tab on our homepage. 

Click here to read Kates blog post over on

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