Introducing the Flipped Learning Network Slack Chat! Come Join us!

Update (January 11, 2023): We have shut down the Slack, more information on how to participate in the FLN at

Over the past few weeks, I have become more active in the communication tool, Slack.  For those not familiar with this app, it is mainly a group text/chat that is (usually) moderated.  Slack has improved communication with many companies and groups because people can join without the hassle of exchanging phone numbers, storing them in your contacts, or memorizing email addresses.  Also, because this is a mobile based communication tool, it can be a bit more efficient than sending emails and more formal than texting a group.

That said, Flipped Learning Network is going to start hosting its inaugural SlackChat Tuesday June 13 at 9:00 PM EDT.  Imagine a Twitter chat without the character limit and with a little more privacy.  If you aren’t familiar with Twitter chats, imagine sitting down with colleagues and talking about a specific topic for a little while.  In this case, it will happen digitally on the FLN slack.  


The topic of the first SlackChat will be summer.  Specifically, how are you, as a flipped educator, going to improve your practice?  When I first flipped my classes, I felt revitalized.  But, I want to continue to foster that feeling as I approach my fifth year of flipping.  The questions will be:

Question 1:  Please introduce yourself, what you teach, where you teach and something noneducational you are doing this summer!

Question 2:  What is one thing that you needed to change or improve for next year/term/semester in your flipped class?  What is your solution to this problem?

Question 3:  How do you plan on determining that your fix is working?  Data? Anecdotal Evidence?

Question 4:  If you were going to advise a new flipped educator on how to start flipping, what advice would you give them that isn’t so obvious?

Looking forward to the session! 

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