A call to the community to revitalize the #flipclass chat


#Flipclass is getting a bit of a makeover.  @lanier_katiesue and others here at the Flipped Learning Network 100% respect that no one owns or controls a ‘#’ but we have been missing some of the halcyon days of old when Monday night at 7PM was #musttweetTV.  The community here at The Flipped Learning Network hopes to facilitate #flipclass by gathering ideas and needs that can be addressed (and preferably, scheduled in advance) for the benefit of all #flipclass chatters.  This is where you come in…

We need:

NOTE: We love all things positive and constructive, it is a historical hallmark of #flipclass and the flip community. Please keep this in mind as you contribute to the #flipclass effort.  If you do have a “critical conversation with a fierce friend” style comment you wish to share about #flipclass please feel free to use our Contact Form and share.


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