Ask the FLN Podcast Episode 030 – Karen Costa

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Show Notes

In this episode Ken chats with Karen Costa and we talk about student success, wellness, rephrasing “I hope that helped”, seeing students (and teachers) as humans first, her work with brain-based teaching and studies in neuroscience and education, faculty success, rewinding cassette tapes and her upcoming book from Stylus "101 Tips for Creating Simple and Sustainable Educational Videos".

Karen also shared a promo code for her upcoming book, check the “Links from the show” below for details.

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About our Guest

Karen Costa has over 15 years of higher education experience and formerly served as the Director of Student Success at Mount Wachusett Community College. Karen is currently an adjunct faculty member teaching college success strategies and research skills to online students at multiple institutions. She is also involved in various faculty development initiatives including as a facilitator for Faculty GuildKaren is a staff writer for Women in Higher Education. Her writing has also appeared in Inside Higher EducationThe Philadelphia InquirerOn Being, and Faculty Focus. Her forthcoming book, 101 Tips for Creating Simple and Sustainable Educational Videos will be published by Stylus Publishing in 2020.

Karen graduated with honors from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. She holds a Master of Education in Higher Education from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Educational Leadership from Northeastern University. A proud lifelong learner, Karen will complete her Certificate in Neuroscience, Learning, and Online Instruction from Drexel University in 2020. Karen is also a certified yoga teacher and Level 1 Yoga for Arthritis teacher. She lives in Massachusetts with her family. 
Connect with Karen at or via Twitter @KarenRayCosta.


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Ken’s Take

Karen talks about the stigma of help seeking and breaking that down. She talks about how “I hope that helped” should be replaced with “Let me know the resolution of this” or “Did that help? Let me know.” which I think is so key to our role as educators.  Karen went on to talk about how she tells students “This isn’t just my job, I like helping people so if you ask me for help you make me happier!”



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The music (titled Aloft) clip at the start and end of the podcast is copyright by Kelly Walsh and used with permission.

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Head shot provided by Karen Costa, all rights reserved.

Head shot provided by Karen Costa, all rights reserved.

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