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Business, Economics, Accounting, Management, Computer Applications and Paralegal Studies Department (BEACAPS)

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I have been with Montgomery College since 1998 working at both the Rockville and Germantown campuses - most recently Germantown. I have taught courses in business, computer science, and computer applications.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Business and Theatre, an MBA with a focus on marketing, an MA with a focus on graphic design, and a DCD (Doctorate of Communication Design) with a focus on adult learners and technology.

While at Montgomery College I have served as: a faculty member (my favorite job); Faculty Council chair at Germantown; Chair of Computer Applications, Computer Science and Networking at Germantown; and Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning. 

I have quite a bit of material about courses I am teaching, and have taught, that is available by following the links to the left of this text. I have also included links that I find useful, and I think you might find them helpful as well.

My office is in HT423 (Germantown) and my email address is if you want to contact me about courses at the College.

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