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August 2015

Making classroom interactive The Korea Times. By Chung Hyun-chae.

Dr. Steven K. Lee, president of George Mason University Korea, plans to establish an interactive classroom to provide a unique learning experience for students by using up-to-date technology.

Critchfield: Getting back to school – and homework Weekly Mailer. By Debbie Critchfield.

Nationwide trends are seeing more secondary classrooms move to a flipped classroom model.

A new day for learning the Purdue Polytechnic way The Republic. By Olivia Covington.

When the Purdue Polytechnic Institute in Columbus opens its doors for the new school year, classes will be flipped upside down.

10 communication technology trends shaping education Albany Business Review. By Reuben Yonatan.

Ten of the latest technology trends that are at the forefront of the education ecosystem.

The Flipped Field Trip Slate. By Chris Berdik.

Students use technology to reverse a normal visit to an art museum.

Lectures, homework ‘flipped’ at Lamar High Chron. By Flori Meeks.

When Lamar High School students listen to teachers lecture this school year, they’ll be able to pause, rewind and even translate their presentations.

Local teacher is recognized for her “flipped classroom” By Melissa Stern.

A Shawnee art teacher was recently recognized by an online magazine, “The Art of Education,” as a teacher using technology as a technique to transform her classroom.

‘Flipped’ classroom sees kids do homework at school after watching online videos Coast Reporter. By Liam Casey.

The flipped classroom method is becoming more prominent as technology in schools allows for videos to be accessed easily, either on custom-made sites, on YouTube or downloaded to a device.

Classroom Management Enhanced by Technology Tech.Co. By Josh Althuser.

Useful tools that educators can use to enhance the learning process in the classroom.

July 2015

I Flipped my Classroom the Hard Way – But You Don’t Have To! GPB Blogs. By Pasha Souvorin.

The number one thing I have found with the flipped classroom model is that the students rely on me to help them in real time – at the moment they are stuck on a problem.

New Flipped Classroom Model Aims to Improve CFD Training By Shawn Wasserman.

Students will perform most of the content studies before interacting with instructors in order to optimize their time by asking informed questions and participating in discussions as opposed to listening to lectures.

Op-ed: Meet the Next Generation of Engineering Education U.S. News & World Report. By Tony Glockler.

Tools and techniques for teaching engineering are adapting to new technology and independent learning.

Math Class: The Champ at Slowing Down the Fast Learners Education Week. By Guest post Douglas W. Green, EdD.

The one-size-fits-all single pace approach that many teachers still use is more of a problem in math class than elsewhere.

Flexible learning aims to change how students learn The Ubyssey. By Joshua Azizi.

Flexible learning, also known as flex-Learning, is an umbrella term used to describe a set of programs and initiatives meant to improve the overall learning experience for students.

IITs, IIMs use technology to fight faculty crisis Hindustan Times. By Rozelle Laha.

A much greater engagement with students is essential, which is not possible in the current model based primarily on delivery of sermon-like lectures, delivered in successive classes.

Learn at home, do homework in class: Nursing school tests nontraditional teaching methods University at Buffalo. By Marcene Robinson.

The purpose of the KWLA+R and flipped classroom is to engage students in learning before they come into the classroom.

Tech in, school’s out by year 2065? The Straits Times. By Calvin Yang.

Singapore’s universities, such as the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, are among those that have embraced the idea of flipped-classroom learning.

Wharton School Deploys Lecture Capture Tech to Every Classroom Campus Technology. By Leila Meyer.

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania has implemented a lecture capture system in every classroom, so students can access recordings of lectures on demand

Universities adopting ‘flipped classroom’ learning The Straits Times. By Calvin Yang.

Introducing free online courses, converting facilities to suit “flipped classroom” learning, and exploring new pedagogies that leverage on mobile technology. These are some of the initiatives that Singapore universities are working on, as institutions around the world find new ways to accommodate students’ changing learning habits.

Delivery of Music Research Methods Through a Flipped Classroom Lens: Enhancing Library Instruction in a Digital Learning Environment IAML. By Carolyn Doi.

Slides from IAML Meeting in New York, June 2015

The Next Education Revolution Huffington Post. By Dan Butin.

In an ideal world, we can begin talking about how to move from the “flipped classroom” model of education to a “flipped university” model.

Health sciences student wins CPHA award for classroom innovation SFU News.

A research project examining the efficacy of “flipped classrooms” has earned a health sciences PhD student the prestigious Dr. John Hastings Student Award from the Canadian Public Health Association.

Will the University of Adelaide’s lecture phase-out be a flop? The Conversation. By Phillip Dawson.

The University of Adelaide is planning to completely phase out lectures.

June 2015

Save time and money on leadership and organizational development with a ‘flipped classroom’ By Jeffrey Smith, PhD, CUXP.

Many organizations have not adopted the iconoclastic ‘flipped classroom’ approach for training leaders or developing their organization.

Flipped learning is changing the face of special ed eSchool News. By Dennis Pierce.

If schools are to meet the learning needs of every student, including those with disabilities, then “we have to think differently about how we provide instruction.”

To Flip or Not To Flip? Huffington Post. By Dr. Mariappan Jawaharial.

As an educator, how can you make flipped classroom a success?

Video driving education for next generation of learners EducationDive. By Tara García Mathewson.

A new survey shows flipped learning becoming the norm, and Oregon State is at the forefront

Flipping classrooms: silly name for a good idea? trainingzone. By John R Tomlinson.

A flipped classroom is about two things (neither of which have anything to do with the word “flip”).

How universities can deal with digital disruption Financial Review. By Quintin Rares.

Australian universities are under attack from all sides.

Nettle teacher helps students growing by “flipping the classroom” The Haverhill Gazette. By Peter Francis.

The inverted classroom is helping Nettle sixth graders grasp challenging concepts while not sacrificing or skimping on creative classroom instruction.

Restoring Value in the Classroom Experience with Experiential Learning edSurge. By Jon Garfinkel.

What does this interactive classroom environment look like? In current parlance, it is the “flipped” classroom.

Teaching Is Easy, Learning Is Hard Huffington Post. By Dan Butin.

Redesigning our educational models to actually support student learning and growth is hard.

Educators, don’t get left behind in the digital age By Catherine Knowles.

Flipped learning is gaining traction in New Zealand

Mobile learning: Smart education system for India Forbes India. By Anupama Raman.

Flipped classrooms: This is a new education delivery mechanism that is revolutionising the education sector across the world.

Experimenting with the Flipped Classroom SAIT Polytechnic. By SAIT Stories.

Two School of Business instructors are among the growing ranks of SAIT Polytechnic faculty who believe the “flipped classroom” teaching process results in greater student engagement and deeper learning.

The End of the Experiment: Teaching My First Class (Part III) Inside Higher Ed. By Katy Meyers Emery.

Trying out new teaching methods also made each class day more exciting for me.

May 2015

In five years’ time you won’t recognise the university Financial Review. By Tim Dodd.

Twelve new “technologies to watch” will change the face of higher education in the next five years, according to new research.

Hazlet pilots multigrade classroom Independent. By Kayla J. Marsh.

It’s about allowing the students to engage in self-directed learning.

High-Quality Content for the Flipped Classroom National Association of Independent Schools. By John Katzman.

There’s some reason to believe that the next generation of classrooms will house less technology than many do today, while enabling learning that is far more compelling.

Sales trend five: The new accountability in holistic (sales) learning Smart Company. By Sue Barrett.

Just providing lectures or guided self learning is not acceptable. Participants need the opportunity to discuss and further develop the material they learned online and in theory in a well structured and result-oriented manner.

Hazlet considers combining grades in one classroom Asbury Park Press. By Amanda Oglesby.

New technologies will enable the students to try a “flipped classroom” model.

Flipping the Levels of Evaluation Association for Talent Development. By Ajay M Pangarkar.

Stop being myopic about how, what, and when people learn. Rather, work with the end in mind—contributing to business results.

Flip it up: How the flipped classroom boosts faculty interest in teaching SCOPE Blog – Stanford Medicine. By Jennifer DeCoste-Lopez.

Does the flipped classroom model intrinsically help incentivize medical faculty members to prioritize teaching?

Outdated teaching methods will blunt technology’s power The Conversation. By Craig Blewett.

Is making technology available to schools without adapting curricula or teaching methods to a digital platform actually worthwhile?

What’s Keeping Higher Education CIOs up at Night? Huffington Post. By Vala Afshar.

Almost all CIOs (97 percent) see the role for the flipped classroom growing.

What, Why, and How to Flip Your Classroom edSurge. By Scott Haselwood.

The flipped classroom model is here to stay. This model, although not a golden bullet, puts the student firmly into the educational process.

5 Free (or Low-Cost) Tools for Flipped Learning Campus Technology. By Dennis Pierce.

From screencasting to interactive presentations, here are some resources to get a flipped class off the ground.

Utah Teacher Innovation Awards: Digitizing the classroom to spark curiosity The Salt Lake Tribune. By Annie Knox.

Laura Franson doesn’t work for Google, but she has free time to explore from her desk — just like workers at the tech giant. During “genius time,” the sixth-grader and her classmates look up the basics of American Sign Language and review plans to produce a documentary on the Vietnam War.

How the flipped classroom model can work in India The Financial Express. By Suneet Singh Tuli.

One of the most compelling reasons for the adoption of flipped classrooms has been poor results, especially due to disproportionate teacher-to-student ratio and the one-size-fits-all method of education. Flipped classroom rectifies this challenge to make learning balanced—in theory as well as in practice.

‘Flipped Classroom’ Format to Be Piloted at FMX in Denver AAFP. By Chris Crawford.

Learners at the 2015 AAFP Family Medicine Experience (FMX) in Denver will be treated to a first for this venue: the chance to participate in a CME course offered in a “flipped classroom” format.

Classroom Tech Roll Call: The Flipped Classroom 2.0 AVNetwork. By Adam Humphrey.

Since switching her course to a flipped classroom format, Professor Gail Grabner has seen a significant change in the grades that students are making in her class.

Academic Council considers role of technology in teaching and learning Stanford News. By Kate Chesley.

Stanford President John Hennessy expressed support for hybrid approaches, including the flipped classroom model. Research suggests, he noted, that the interactive video experience of a flipped classroom can be as effective as traditional lectures.

Special Report: The education evolution By Stephanie Valle.

“If we continue to be shackled to our conventional wisdom, we run the risk of becoming obsolete.”

April 2015

5 Keys to Flipped Learning Success Campus Technology. By Dennis Pierce.

Flipping the classroom isn’t easy, but many instructors have found it to be well worth the effort.

Flipping traditional learning around By Julie Anderson.

Contreras said the biggest advantage of the practice is that it buys him time in the classroom — time for more of the hands-on activities that drive science classes, and time to work with students, particularly those who are struggling.

Turning learning upside down Village Living. By Oliver Morrison.

The flipped videos include his real handwriting and animated arrows that move in an empty room that looks like his real classroom. He makes silly references to keep students engaged.

Huddleston teacher wins top teaching award Smith Mountain Eagle. By John Stang Smith.

“With the flipped classroom, I’m able to meet the needs of every student,” said Jalenda Settles, one of the McGlothlin Award for Teaching Excellence winners.

Talk About Teaching and Learning: Activating Students’ Excitement University of Pennsylvania Almanac. By Masao Sako.

Structured Active In-Class Learning (SAIL) improves student-instructor communication and helps manage the diversity of the students. SAIL includes many pedagogical methods, including the flipped classroom.

Flipping learning around: Students watch lectures online at home, do hands-on work in class By Julie Anderson.

Used thoughtfully, the flipping model prompts teachers to think first about their goals when designing lessons — what they want students to know and how they know when students get it.

Gamification motivates students, employees beyond the screen The Daily Pennsylvanian. By Emily Offit.

“In education we don’t focus enough on motivation, we focus on content and assessment,” Werbach said. “But game thinking is much more about getting someone to start and keep going — that means thinking of the activity of an ongoing journey.”

Lamar High flipping classrooms upside down By Marcelino Benito.

When students walk into Ms. Myer’s Biology class, they know this won’t be another boring lesson.

The debate over whether we should DVR the classroom experience The Washington Post. By Dominic Basulto.

Ultimately, the classroom experience should evolve to create more value so that kids have to come to class to get the full experience.

Clinical Care Options® to Present at 40th Annual ONS Congress PR Newswire. By Clinical Care Options.

This study suggests that a flipped classroom approach to the rapidly evolving field of cancer nursing education can offer improved foundational knowledge that will in turn maximize clinical skill development in the live education setting.

Knowledge Delivery Systems Partners with To Launch Flipped Learning PD Course THE Journal. By Joshua Bolkan.

This course is filled with videos of real teachers and advice from flipped learning pioneers, Aaron Sams and Jon Bergmann, about best practices.

Flipped classroom style garners mixed reactions The Reporter Campus Star. By Sierra Wylie.

Although the idea of a flipped classroom is catching on with instructors, it is receiving mixed ardor among students. However, a student summed it up best when he stated, “It all depends on the teacher, really.”

Guest Column: ‘Flipped classrooms’ provide better approach for instruction of students The Daily News Journal. By David Lockett.

The ability to repeat critical parts of lectures that may not have been immediately clear is a huge advantage to watching video lectures instead of listening to a lecture in a classroom.

Flipped classroom The University of British Columbia, Flexible Learning.

Summary of reports from researchers and instructors who have used flipped classroom techniques in different university-level contexts.

Where Flipped Learning Research Is Going Campus Technology. By David Raths.

While most agree that the flipped classroom model benefits learning, researchers are delving into the details and exploring the many facets of a flip.

UGA faculty recognized with 2015 Creative Teaching Awards UGA Today. By Courtney P. Smith.

In her “flipped classroom,” Wolf’s students examine primary sources and produce historical content to allow them to think and act like actual historians.

5 Lecture Capture Hacks for More Engaging Videos Campus Technology. By Leila Meyer.

The best flipped courses provide students with compelling, interactive learning content to hold their attention outside of class.

How Manassas Park is ‘flipping the classroom’ with learning tablets Manassas Local. By Nafeesa Lodi.

The tablets offer more of an opportunity to “flip” classes and work with lectures to enhance learning.

Convert classrooms into educational laboratories, recommends KV workshop Merinews. By Dr. Lalit Kishore.

The aim of the workshop was to understand action research and link it to the concept of flipped classroom or reverse teaching as a theme to begin with.

HCT Reinforces UAE’s Smart Technology Initiatives at 3rd Annual Mobile Learning Conference Zawya. By Paul Lancaster and Firas Naasan.

A highlight of Jon Bergmann’s presence during the conference was his presentation of a workshop on flipped classrooms for HCT’s Emirati faculty members.

Teachers are flipping over hot new way to engage students The Outer Banks Voice. By Michelle Wagner.

Picture a school where you can push rewind when you don’t understand what the teacher just said. If you already understand, you simply hit fast-forward.

Fitchburg teacher finds success with ‘flipped’ classroom The Boston Herald. By Michael Hartwell.

Memorial Middle School science teacher Christopher Landry spends most of his time crouching down like a catcher, talking to his students one-on-one, instead of standing in front of the board.

Has the Flipped Classroom Already Become the Norm? Panopto Blog.

The 2015 NMC Horizon Report has named the flipped classroom as one of the most important developments in educational technology for higher education.

For a Better Flip, Try MOOCs Campus Technology. By David Raths.

What happens when you combine a MOOC and a flipped course?

March 2015

Flipped Learning in the World-Language Classroom Education Week – Global Learning. By guest blogger Heather Clydesdale.

Some Chinese language teachers are using flipped learning to make the most of limited classroom time.

Creating flipped videos Royal Society of Chemistry – education in chemistry blog. By Rob Campbell.

Creating videos to foster deeper understanding.

Earl Boyles Teachers ‘Flip’ Class of 2025 Classroom To Do Common Core Math OPB. By Rob Manning.

Given the diverse needs of these classrooms, teachers came up with an approach to target instruction to students’ individual needs, relying heavily on technology.

Flipped Learning: What’s Its Place in the Association Meetings Space? Associations Now. By Samantha Whitehorne.

Moving your meeting’s education from an expert-led lecture format to an activity- and discussion-based one may lead to more active and engaged attendees.

The Deconstruction of the K-12 Teacher The Atlantic. By Michael Godsey.

When kids can get their lessons from the Internet, what’s left for classroom instructors to do?

3 Ways to Support Flipping Faculty Campus Technology. By David Raths.

How three institutions have created a support structure for faculty making the switch.

Project Based Learning Connects To Flip Learning… Plus Hundreds of Resources Tech&Learning. By Michael Gorman.

Look at the process of PBL and Flipped Learning and begin to see how the two together can promote Bloom’s higher order learning.

When Faculty Are Students: Flipping Professional Development  Panopto Blog.

The flipped classroom may have been designed for students, but its application has real value for any learning experience.

Questions To Ask About Ed-Tech At Your Kids’ School nprEd. By Anya Kamenetz.

A list of questions that parents should be asking when they hear about new gadgets and gizmos coming to their kids’ classrooms.

Flipping the script on traditional classrooms New Richmond News. By Jordan Willi.

With digital content and social media continuing to take control of the modern world, especially for teenagers at the high school level, it only makes sense to adapt to what students are becoming more and more comfortable with.

Students do ‘homework’ at school in ‘flipped classrooms’ Edmonton Journal. By Andrea Sands.

Grade 4 teacher Toni Sartorelli’s is “flipping” parts of her math class at Johnny Bright School this year.

The State of Education Video 2015 Streaming Media. By Paul Riismandel.

From flipped classrooms to MOOCs, video is at the very center of education in 2015. But are colleges and students getting their money’s worth?

CoSN 2015: 10 Reasons Flipped Classrooms Could Change Education EdTech. By D. Frank Smith.

Today’s classrooms are outfitted with the latest technologies, but too often the teaching methods don’t take full advantage of the options these tools afford.

The ABCs Of Flipped Classrooms: What IT Solutions Providers Need To Know Business Solutions. By Ari Bixhorn.

While many educators have already dug into the details of how a flipped classroom is facilitated, far fewer have researched the specific support they’ll need from technology to make the new format work.

Washington teacher digitally duplicates himself The Seattle Times. By Amy Nile.

A third grade teacher has produced more than 500 instructional videos that allow him more one-on-one time with students.

‘Flipped’ classrooms becoming more common Utica Observer Dispatch. By Alissa Scott.

Students at Thomas R. Proctor High School seem to be enjoying their flipped classroom; a new digital, “pedagogical” approach to keeping students’ interest while technologically learning Renaissance poetry.

Flipped classroom presented to Park Rapids school board Park Rapids Enterprise. By Kevin Cederstrom.

Park Rapids Area School math teachers gave a lesson to the school board.

Local educators flip over new classroom method So Md News.  By Jeremy Bauer-Wolf.

Focus is on discussions, not lectures.

Education Trends That Affect IT Spend Business Solutions. By Bernadette Wilson.

Technologies that support the flipped classroom include video- and screen-recording software, video content management systems, and video search engines.

This professor flips all the rules of teaching The Times of India. By Sangamesh Menasinakai.

Interactions between a teacher and students are more personalized under this “flipped classroom” teaching methodology and it encourages guidance, instead of mere lectures.

NTU unveils new ‘dim sum basket building’ equipped with classrooms of the future The Straits Times/Singapore. By Andrea Ng.

The eight-storey building, designed by renowned British designer Thomas Heatherwick, seeks to support the university’s newly adopted “flipped classroom” teaching method.

Malik ’18: Attempt to connect The Brown Daily Herald. By Ameer Malik.

Are the features that are lost from the classic lecture model when the flipped classroom is adopted essential to the older experience? Are the added qualities more valuable than what is lost?

Technology helps teachers turn classrooms upside-down SC Times. By Mark Sommerhauser.

Matt Darling’s fifth-grade math class flipped this year and the change turned the Sartell-St. Stephen Middle School classroom upside-down. So far, Darling says the results are encouraging for him and his students.

Flipped chemistry revisited Royal Society of Chemistry. By David Read.

Flipped teaching remains an area of great interest, with more teachers adopting the approach at school and university levels.

Flipping Jewish Learning in honor of Purim Jewish Community Voice. By Rabbi Micah Liben.

We have used the flipped model for Humash and Mishnah classes—students watch a lesson at home on their iPad, submit summary questions via Google forms, and come the next day prepared to do their “homework.”

Math students press play to learn more Park Record Park City News. By Bubba Brown.

Math teachers have taught some units using a “flipped classroom” approach. Some students enjoyed the method, while others were less enthusiastic.

Snow days don’t stop school work The Southwest Times. By Calvin Pynn.

If you’re able to flip the classroom and put a package together online with digital materials, you can take away some of the negative impact of losing the time in the classroom, because the students can make up the work, all online.

Technology in classroom: Genesis Global School, Noida, proposes going digital for K-12 Students India Today. By Genesis Global School.

Among the top international schools of Delhi/NCR, Genesis Global School has started internal research on how to implement a Digital Ink and Inverted Classroom (or Flip Classroom) program over the next 5 years.

Technology upends higher education paradigm The Korea Herald. By Yoon Min-sik.

Open University head says lecture-based learning models coming to an end.

Flipping the Way Students (and Professors) Do College Huffington Post. By Emily Reich.

A teacher or professor should be the primary source of information in a classroom, stimulating interest and discussion beyond the textbook and assigned readings. If this primary source for students is shifting to comprehensive online resources available to a student at their leisure, what is the role of the professor?

February 2015

Provost spearheads digital education efforts The Brown Daily Herald. By Baylor Knobloch.

Provost Vicki Colvin is leading the charge toward a digitalized educational experience at Brown, focusing on flipped classrooms and online courses

#EdTech Perspectives: Getting Started with Flipped Learning – One Lesson at a Time Alliance for Excellent Education. By Ariana Witt. Guest blog by Helen Lazzaro.

2015 Digital Learning Day and Flipped Classroom Open Houses description and invitation, along with 5 steps to help you get started with flipping your classroom.

How I flipped my READ 180 classroom edu@scholastic. By Matt Bowers.

By now, flipped learning is not anything new or unheard of, but I don’t believe it has been implemented in a READ 180 classroom.

Massively Open Online Courses impact education The Tartan. By Danielle Hu.

Fischer’s focus on MOOCs relates to the concept of a “flipped classroom.”

In ‘flipped classrooms,’ teachers lecture online, use class for practice Tampa Bay Times. By Jeffrey S. Solochek.

Sheridan adopted the model last year, and positive results led to an expansion this year into the second and third grades at Sand Pine Elementary in Wesley Chapel.

Explainer: what is the hybrid classroom and is it the future of education? The Conversation. By Natalia Kucirkova.

One model inspired by personalised learning is the popular “flipped classroom” model.

Richfield teacher nominated for top award Sun Current. By Andrew Wig.

Oberle uses the “flipped classroom” strategy which focuses on using classroom time for focused instruction, with students getting the general lesson outside of class on digital devices.

Flipped for Flipped Classrooms? Falls Church News Press. By Dorian Charpentier.

Some classes at George Mason High School use the flipped classroom model either partly or entirely. Teachers spell out the benefits, whereas a portion of the students oppose it.

Active learning enters STEM classes Yale Daily News. By Victor Wang.

“The only way to learn science is by solving problems and doing experiments. Listening to a lecture is like watching a cooking show: you don’t know how until you do the cooking yourself.”

Prep’s cyber learning: The end of the snow day? Press of By Diane D’Amico.

The school has been using a “flipped classroom” model, in which students do preparatory work at home, then use class time for discussion and analysis, and the snow day lessons fit into that system.

Ulster BOCES Puts a “Spin” on Classroom Lessons Saugerties Post Star.

Students at the Ulster BOCES Career & Technical Center are getting a jump on classroom lessons thanks to the “Flipped” or inverted teaching model.

Educational World shifts to new phenomenon ‘the flipped classroom’ The DePauw. By Lilly Burba.

Many have taken interest in a new educational phenomenon, the flipped classroom. On Friday, DePauw University educators gathered to discuss the possibilities of implementing this here.

The 6 Technologies That Will Change the Face of Education Campus Technology. By David Nagel.

The annual report is developed by a panel of higher education experts to identify major developments in education technology and technological trends that will help shape teaching and learning in the near future.

eLearning or Traditional Style Training, that is the Question? By Freddie Batista.

The flipped learning model is now moving into the fire rescue community where more class time is actually utilized for the hands-on portion of the training than the actual class portion.

Classroom Lessons Flipped at Babylon Memorial Grade School Babylon Village Patch. By Ryan Bonner.

Babylon Memorial Grade School’s fifth-grade math classroom has been flipped upside down this year as teacher Stephen Fasciani has introduced a new instructional platform.

Six Ingredients for Sweetening your Flipped Classroom Recipe edSurge. By Scott Haselwood.

There are as many ways to flip your class as there are ways to build a pizza.

How to go beyond the basics of Flipped Learning eCampus News. By Bridget McCrea.

“It’s not just about assigning a video and hoping that the class watches it,” says Bergmann. “It’s about getting to the next level and truly engaging students in class, and in a way that positively impacts the learning experience.”

Ernest Kimme: Want to motivate students? Flip their classes The Reporter Columns. By Ernest Kimme.

Teachers who have tried it report less student frustration, higher test scores, and fewer students failing.

Technology in schools: Future changes in classrooms BBC News Technology. By Jane Wakefield.

Change is already afoot to disrupt the traditional classroom.

Course design: planning a flipped class University of Waterloo. By Centre for Teaching Excellence.

An instructor may choose to flip just a few classes a term, where the concepts lend themselves to active learning experiences, or to flip all classes.

January 2015

Patrice Apodaca: Backlash arises over ‘flipped’ classrooms Daily Pilot. By Patrice Apodaca.

“Flipping,” as it’s often called, is a concept that started drawing intense publicity a few years ago.

Turning education upsidedown in Seaford LI By Felicia Febrizio.

At Seaford Manor Elementary School, fifth-grade teacher Christopher Feiler started using the flipped classroom model this year.

How to flip meetings with Google Apps TechRepublic. By Andy Wolber.

Here are a few ideas you might borrow from the flipped classroom to flip your meetings with Google Apps.

Game On: Students Rack Up Points in UT Professor’s “Gamed” Classroom Tennessee Today. By Amy Blakely & Brandon Horvath.

Besides “gaming” his classroom, Horvath also has completely flipped his History and Impact of Turf Grasses class.

Flipping for Physics Newswise. By Wake Forest University.

“I love lecturing, and I am pretty good at it, but I find that my students learn best when they are applying physics principles rather than just hearing me talk about them during class.”

Drury professor returning to Kenya to share knowledge Springfield News-Leader. By Mike Brothers.

“My colleagues in Africa tell me the students have become very receptive to this (the flipped classroom) style of learning – they’re getting to interact with the professors more closely now,” Korir says.

Khan: Leave the lecture hall The Cavalier Daily. By Hasan Khan.

Exciting new trends in education are challenging the assumption that lectures must be delivered in the classroom

Glimpse of the Future: The ‘Oscars of Innovation in Higher Education’ Knowledge@Wharton.

Among the innovations that were celebrated was the flipped classroom, a model vigorously promoted by keynote speaker Ben Nelson, founder, chairman and CEO of the Minerva Project, which offers a fresh approach to higher education.

Ann Arbor Man’s “Flipping Physics” Gaining National Recognition The Ann Arbor Independent. By Donna Iadipaolo.

The idea of flipping physics puts the emphasis on devoting time to listen to lectures in one’s free time, making learning more hands-on.

Growth in Flipped Blended Learning Elearning Marketplace. By Carolyn Lewis.

The flipped learning model is not generally driven by leaders of schools, colleges or businesses, but initiated by the teachers themselves.

Waskom ISD experiments with flipped classrooms By Rebecca Holland.

Students in the Waskom Independent School District are learning a little bit differently this year — thanks to the school’s experimentation with the new flipped classroom model.

NTU brings changes to part-time engineering programmes The Straits Times/Singapore. By Samantha Goh.

“The flipped classroom concept encourages deeper learning and more substantive discussions to take place during face-to-face sessions.”

‘I’m Sick of Everyone Else Owning Education’ edSurge. By Mary Jo Madda.

Interview with Rachel Iufer.

Saint Lawrence Academy Teacher Wins 2014 Digital Innovation in Learning Award The Santa Clara Weekly.

What really sets Iufer apart is an educational approach that’s called “flipping”.

December 2014

What is Different about a Flipped Classroom? Center For Teaching & Learning University of Texas.

Informative tables and infographics related to the flipped classroom.

Flipped classes teach from different perspective the By Lynn Rosado.

If presented with a virtual way of being educated, would you embrace the new age method or would you revert to the traditional way?

Experiments With the Flipped Classroom Campus Technology. By Michael Hart.

Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, is one of the latest higher education institutions to explore the flipped classroom concept.

Flipped-Learning Toolkit: Getting Everybody On Board Edutopia. By Jon Bergmann & Aaron Sams.

So you’re a parent, a student, or an administrator, and you just found out that a teacher in your school has flipped their class.

Top 10 ed tech trends to watch out for in 2015 ZDNet. By Charlie Osborne.

From flipped classrooms to online learning, what ed tech trends should we watch out for in the next year?

Education – after College!! DC Velocity. By Joe Andraski.

Companies can use the flipped learning approach in their internal education program.

The Why’s and How’s of Gamifying Your Classroom edSurge. By Scott Haselwood.

Three years ago I flipped my high school math classes, but wasn’t satisfied.

Flipped-Learning Toolkit: Let’s Talk Tech Edutopia. By Jon Bergmann & Aaron Sams.

What technologies are necessary in a flipped classroom?

Clinical Education and the Electronic Health Record: The Flipped Patient JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association. By Jeffrey Chi, MD & Abraham Verghese, MD.

Many institutions have introduced the “flipped classroom” teaching model in the first 2 years of medical education.

How Urban Meyer Took the Buckeyes to School The Wall Street Journal. By Jonathan Clegg.

The Secret to Ohio State’s Offensive Success: An Unorthodox Method of Teaching

16 new provost-funded courses to ‘flip’ classrooms with technology Columbia Spectator. By J. Clara Chan.

Next year, some Columbia professors will be able to know what their students do and don’t understand—before they even report to class.

Flipped classroom signifies progressive shift Daily Trojan. By Erin Rode.

Professors Darryl Yong, Rachel Levy, Karl Haushalter and Nancy Lape are currently researching the effect of “flipped” classes.

Academic’s use of ‘flipped learning’ earns award By University of the Sunshine Coast.

Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering Dr Terry Lucke will be awarded for his adoption of a ‘flipped learning model’ that encourages students to use smart technology to enhance the learning process.

Now Hiring: Flipped Learning Architects Edutopia. By Joe Hirsch.

It’s time for “flippers” to set the record straight — teachers who want to adopt flipped learning have to start thinking of themselves as architects, not video producers.

10 pedagogical innovations poised to take off in 2015 eCampus News. By Meris Stansbury.

You may have heard about Flipped Learning, but what about Massive Open Social Learning (MOSL)? Threshold Concepts? Bricolage?

November 2014

Innovate to educate: new practices and technologies in the classroom Euronews. By Maha Barada.

Educationalists are always exploring ways to improve learning outcomes and meet the changing needs of the modern world.

BKM ‘flips’ Roanoke school’s classroom with $40K grant Star-Telegram. By Mark David Smith.

A teacher’s versatile lesson plan will have a classroom to match after her students’ contest entry won a large grant from a local business.

Hough: ‘Flipping’ classes may be the next big thing Springfield News-Leader. By David Hough

Effective teaching requires one to continually update the curriculum and try different instructional strategies.

Flipped-Learning Toolkit: 5 Steps for Formative Assessment Edutopia. By Jon Bergmann & Aaron Sams.

If you flip your class, you might be able to rid yourself of the bane of many teachers: grading papers late at night.

MIT Prof Uses MOOC To Flip Classroom Campus Technology. By Leila Meyer

A professor at MIT has used the videos for the massive open online course (MOOC) version of his Visualizing Japan course to flip the classroom-based version of the same course.

Flipping The Classroom Paradigm NCAR UCAR AtmosNews By Bob Henson.

Faculty explore new modes for teaching weather and climate.

Tri-City United school district explores flipped classrooms Lonsdale Area News-Review. By Grace Webb.

Teachers in the Tri-City United school district are exploring a new way of teaching aimed at giving students more one-on-one time with instructors.

Harvey Mudd among colleges experimenting with ‘flipped’ classes Los Angeles Times. By Jason Song.

Instructors at Harvey Mudd College, a school known for its science and engineering experiments, are studying a new group of subjects: their students.

A MOOC sees its greatest impact in the classroom at MIT MIT News. By Office of Digital Learning.

The difference wasn’t just quantitative; the flipped class increased student participation and led to a qualitatively richer and more fun educational experience.

More professors flip the classroom looking to better engage students The GW hatchet. By Mary Ellen McIntire.

“Traditional lectures are one of the worst ways to convey information. It’s better to use that time again for the kinds of activities that benefit from there being all these people in the room.”

Peters Colony Elementary third graders learn via a flipped classroom The Colony Courier-Leader. By Heather Goodwin.

When third graders in Brian Edley’s class at Peters Colony Elementary come to class every day, they’ve already learned the day’s lesson.

New teaching method gaining momentum in CSE Department College of Engineering Texas A&M University. By Rachel Rose.

There are many teaching innovations that are being implemented in universities to improve instruction. One new method of teaching is called “flipping the classroom”.

Teacher of the Year finalist: Couch Middle’s Rose a trailblazer in flipped classroom model Gwinnett Daily Post. By Keith Farner.

Called a trailblazer in the flipped classroom model, Cindy Apley Rose is known around Couch Middle for bringing new and unique teaching strategies to the classroom.

Flipped Learning Toolkit: Overcoming Common Hurdles Edutopia. by Aaron Sams and Jon Bergmann

Flipping your classroom is a great way to move from “sage on the stage” to “guide on the side.” But that shift can also bring about a number of other complications.

Duke bridges gap between online and classroom, to mixed results  The Chronicle. By Ryan Zhang.

“Just think about it: you have a teaching approach that you’ve learned how to succeed in, and suddenly someone’s pulling the rug out from underneath you and putting a different rug underneath you at the last moment.”

‘Flip the Classroom’ project By April Jaynes.

The “Flip the Classroom” project is an educational initiative aimed at facilitating the best use of instructional time.

October 2014

Flipping the script: The students have become the teachers The News-Gazette. By Nicole Lafond.

Two Urbana teachers are shaking things up in the classroom this year.

3 Ways To Take Your Students Deeper With Flipped Learning Edutopia. By Aaron Sams & Jon Bergmann.

Flipped learning is more than just an efficient way to teach. It is also an opportunity to take students to deeper levels of comprehension and engagement.

Rethinking the Lecture: In the Information Age, It’s Time to Flip the Classroom WIRED Innovation Insights. By Ryan Craig.
The sage-on-a-stage model of instruction has dominated higher education since the Middle Ages when there was only one book to be read aloud to assembled students.

INNOVATIVE EDUCATOR: WMS teacher flips class to offer more interaction Kokomo Tribune. By Lauren Slagter.

Kevin Pax records many of his lectures for students to watch outside of class. This frees up class time for other projects, such as acting out the events of the Continental Congress.

Flipped Classroom delivers new ways to learn Columbus Telegram. By Julie Blum.

The school day is a bit different in Joni Ebel’s classroom this year.

Flipping the Traditional Lecture Hall Campus Technology. By Michael Hart.

There’s no question that the flipped classroom model has become all the rage at colleges and universities across the country.

Start a Reading Revolution: Flip Your Class With Blogs edutopia. By Brian Sztabnik.

What does flipping look like in an English or reading classroom?

Students finding success with ‘flipped’ learning in Carbondale By Sarah Hofius Hall.

The “flipped classroom” in Carbondale, one of the first in the region, inverts the traditional classroom, empowers students and leads to more independent learning.

Report: Students Lack Wireless Access to Digital Learning Resources at School THE Journal. By Leila Meyer.

Students have better wireless access to the Internet at home than at school, according to a report conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Pearson.

Horry County teachers are flipping their classrooms By Liz Cooper

Some Horry County teachers are hearing fewer excuses from students that they can’t do their homework.

Transforming the Lecture Space edSurge. By Matthew Stoltzfus.

It is the flipped classroom model that has uniquely enabled me to transform my lecture space to boost student engagement and achievement.

Research supports UNC’s move to flipped classrooms By Sofia Edelman.

The move toward more flipped classrooms is part of a push to improve academic quality.

Detroit Area School ‘Flips’ The Status Quo Watchdog Wire – Michigan. By Amelia Hamilton.

Students who have struggled in traditional academic environments are “looking for something more supportive.”

‘Flipped classroom’ shows success Decatur Editorials.

the big talk in K-12 schools these days is the “flipped classroom.” It sounds like a wonderland that Alice might visit, but it’s the latest concept in education.

Flipped classrooms test new ways of learning CBC News Toronto. With files from CBC’s Charlsie Agro.

Some schools are trying out a new teaching method that challenges old concepts like homework.

Studying flipped By Manila Bulletin.

Teachers are continually coming up with ways to better engage their students and immerse them with the zest of learning something new.

The flipped classroom – revolutionary educational idea The Financial Express. By David Boddy.

Flipped Classroom concept is nicely blurring the edges between traditional schooling and the techniques of digital learning…

Spartan College sees results with curriculum overhaul Tulsa World. By Casey Smith.

Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology is “flipping out” over its new style of teaching pilots.

Flipped Learning: Homework In Class, Lessons At Home FOXCT. By Crystal Hall.

Educators are always finding new and innovative ways to teach students. One of the latest trends to hit classrooms is called flipped learning.

New style of learning comes to Taconic Hills Register-Star. By Katie Kocijanski.

A new teaching method has come to the Taconic Hills Central School District. It’s called “flipped learning” and will be coming to a classroom near you in the upcoming school year.

Celebrate Flipped Day by Flipping Your Classroom! Blog.

Organized by the Flipped Learning Network, Flipped Day asks educators across the globe simply to flip one lesson.

UC Professors ‘Flip’ the Lectures University of Cincinnati News. By Liz Daubenmire.

For students in a “flipped classroom” the lecture has already been reviewed on their own time, outside the classroom, making their 8 a.m. class a morning pick-me-up.

September 2014

Building a Middle School Flipped Classroom TechSmith Blog. Guest post by Adam Coulter Johnson.

What if there was a way to use the personality of the teacher in combination with technology to monitor what every student understands?

Is ‘flipped classroom’ the future? By Sharon Epperson, CNBC Business News.

Traditional education, using the one-size-fits-all approach to learning, could come to an end in the next quarter century.

Teachers experiment with ‘flipped’ classrooms The Clarion-Ledger. By Associated Press.

Some Hardin County teachers are creating instructional videos for students to watch as part of their assignments.

Breaking the mold of traditional learning By Allie Krug.

An area math class is eliminating the need for traditional teacher lectures and is changing the way they approach homework.

Villanova: Improved student performance in “flipped” classes By Susan Snyder.

Villanova piloted four “flipped” introductory engineering classes last fall, and students – especially those typically in the bottom third of the class academically – did so well that the university is running eight “flipped’ classes this fall.

Starting a Project-Based School THE Journal. By Dan Gordon with Todd Nesloney.

After seven years as a fifth-grade teacher in Waller, TX, Todd Nesloney was recruited to head an underperforming school that was being reconstituted by the Navasota ISD.

Flipping the Classroom: In Germany! TechSmith Blog. Guest post by Felix Fähnrich and Carsten Thein.

Learning models like the “Flipped Classroom” and “Inverted Classroom” have been popular concepts in the English-speaking world. However, only a few universities in Germany are currently implementing this form of blended learning.

Want to Engage Parents? Flip your Open House! Education Week. By Peter DeWitt.

If school leaders and teachers have not experienced Open House yet this year, they can put a twist on the event by flipping the information out ahead of time.

August 2014

When will Education ‘Flip’ Out? Core of Education. By Rod Berger.

Aaron Sams, Flipped Learning Network Chair, talks about the flipping the classroom and when it will become the norm in U.S. classrooms.

Flip Your Classroom and Your Attitude PBS MediaShift. By Mark E. Johnson.

You’re neither a dusty old prof sliding acetates onto a projector, nor are you all revved up for a full MOOC. You’re just you, wanting to be a little better, hoping to engage your students in a new way or free up a little face time for talking. It’s time to start flipping.

Using Flipped Learning to boost engagement eSchool News. By Laura Devaney.

During an ASCD webinar sponsored by Adobe Presenter, flipped learning leaders Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams discussed multiple ways that a flipped classroom can lead to increased student engagement and personalized learning.

2 Great Techniques for the Flipped Classroom Campus Technology. By Dian Schaffhauser.

Inspire more student engagement in a flipped class with these two pedagogy-driven methods.

What is the Flipped Classroom? Center for Teaching + Learning University of Texas at Austin

A flipped class is one that inverts the typical cycle of content acquisition and application so that students gain necessary knowledge before class, and instructors guide students to actively and interactively clarify and apply that knowledge during class.

Flipped Classroom May Help Weaker STEM Students U.S. News & World Report. By Allie Bidwell.

The bottom third of students made the greatest improvements in a flipped engineering program.

July 2014

What’s the difference Between a Flipped Classroom and Flipped Learning? EDTECH Focus on K-12. By Kari M. Arfstrom, Ph.D.

Fact or Fallacy? A flipped classroom and flipped learning are similar terms used to describe the same approach. Contrary to popular belief, these concepts are not synonymous.

Flip This Classroom: Shaking Up Learning at One Texas School Watchdog Wire – Texas. By Amelia Hamilton

Three years ago, teachers and administration made the choice together to flip the middle school as one tool, innovating as they went, as there was no guide for this type of change.

Evolution of a Flipped Classroom Siemens STEM Academy STEM Blog. By Azucena Overman

When I first signed up for Flipped Classroom training in the fall of 2012, I did not realize how much it would impact my classroom…

June 2014

Teachers rethink education at Flipcon conference The Cranberry Eagle. By Paula Grubbs

“Helping a child find their spark and curiosity is one of life’s greatest treasures.” Molly Schroeder, keynote speaker, FlipCon14.

Classroom Management and the Flipped Class edutopia. By Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams.

Is there a better way to think about classroom management? What if the goal of class was for the students to actively engage in the content and participate in tangible ways in the learning process?

May 2014

Flipped Learning: Gateway to Student Engagement Leading & Learning with Technology. By Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams. There’s more to flipped learning than just asking students to watch videos at home and complete worksheets in class. Find out how to use the flipped model to take your teaching – and your students – to new places.

Lectures Aren’t Just Boring, They’re Ineffective, Too, Study Finds Science Insider. By Aleszu Bajak.

A new study finds that undergraduate students in classes with traditional stand-and-deliver lectures are 1.5 times more likely to fail than students in classes that use more stimulating, so-called active learning methods.

April 2014

Flipped learning skepticism: Do students want to have lectures? The Chronicle. By Robert Talbert

They are primed to learn something about learning, and about the value of learning versus the value of grades. Conflict stinks, but this is a pretty exciting moment if you’re an educator.

Success! Our First Flipped Science Inclusion Class   Middle Web Blog. By Elizabeth Stein.

I’m happy to say that with just about six weeks left in the school year, I was able to weave in my goal of implementing at least one flipped learning experience. Mission accomplished. And sweet success!

Flipping Classroom Turns Classwork, Homework Model on is Head 90.5 WESA. By Deanna Garcia.

The students themselves, overall, say they like the flipped classroom, though some say it does take getting used to.

Flipped learning skepticism: Is flipped learning just self-teaching? The Chronicle. By Robert Talbert.

The flipped classroom does not automatically provide those sorts of outstanding learning experiences. What it provides is space andtime for instructors to design learning activities and then carry them out, by relocating the transfer of information to outside the classroom. But then the instructor has the responsibility of using that space and time effectively.

Flipped Learning Makes Inroads on Campus The Cite. By Dan Angelo.

Despite gaining popularity in K-12 circles, flipped learning still lags behind in higher ed. That could change as more colleges and universities discover how to effectively use the technique.

Can Flipped Classrooms Help Students Learn?  Future Tense, a partnership of Slate. By Nancy Lape, Rachel Levy, and Darryl Young

Rather than ask whether flipped classrooms are “good” or “bad,” we should seek to understand the conditions and context under which flipped classrooms actually improve learning.

Microflipping: a modest twist on the ‘flipped’ classroom Stanford Graduate School of Education. By The Chronicle of Higher Education

What if, instead, we used a partially flipped classroom—the “microflipped” classroom—that combined the best of the old and new teaching approaches?

The Flip Side of Professional Development  edSurge. By Kristin Daniels.

Our conversations swirled around the same types of questions that spurred the flipped classroom buzz; “How do we want to spend our time with teachers? Where can we make the most impact? When do they need us most?”

One Startling Fact about Flipped Learning eClassroomNews. By eSchoolNews staff.

Flipped learning—defined in the survey as using lecture videos as homework while using class time for more in-depth learning such as discussions, projects, experiments, and to provide personalized coaching to individual students—is surpassing all other digital trends in K-12 schools.

The Problem with Flipped Classrooms: Teachers Shoot Lousy Video By Paul Riismandel.

Practice does make perfect. You shouldn’t be afraid to watch your own videos critically. Is your voice easy to understand? Are the visuals and video clear? Is text readable? If anything needs improvement, do another take.

Research Confirms Video improves Learning Results Huff Post College. By Michal Tsur.

In 2013, the flipped classroom made its way into the education video scene. In fact, 57 percent agree that flipped classrooms will become a standard teaching method in higher education, with 48 percent saying their institutions already practice such.

March 2014 

Flipped Learning Network Unveils Formal Definition of Flipped Learning Internet@schools. By Flipped Learning Network.

To counter common misconceptions and bring clarity to discussions about “Flipped Learning,” the governing board and key leaders of the Flipped Learning Network (FLN) have announced a formal definition of the term. FLN also has announced the Four Pillars of F-L-I-P and a checklist of 11 supporting indicators that educators must incorporate into their practice.

Begging to Differ: Isn’t a Flipped Class Flipped Learning?  edtech digest. By Kari Arfstrom.

Flipping a class can, but does not necessarily, lead to Flipped Learning.

4 Pillars & 11 Indicators Of Flipped Learning te@chthought. By Kari Arfstrom.

The governing board and key leaders of FLN, all experienced flipped educators, released a whitepaper today distinguishing between a Flipped Classroom and Flipped Learning. These terms are not interchangeable.

FLN Shares its Four Pillars of Flipped Learning  The Journal. By Christopher Piehler.

To counter common misconceptions and offer educators a practical framework for Flipped Learning, the governing board and key leaders of the Flipped Learning Network (FLN) today announced a formal definition of the term. Along with the definition, FLN announced its Four Pillars of F-L-I-P and a checklist of 11 supporting indicators for educators.

School Leaders are Flipping for Flipped Learning   AASA. By Kari Arfstrom.

Even though digital textbooks and online classes have been part of the digital learning environments for a longer period of time, district administrators are optimistic about flipped learning as a transformative agent in the classroom

Report: Interest in Flipped Classrooms Surpasses Other Digital Learning Trends the Journal. By Leila Meyer.

From this research, it is evident that the flipped learning model is gaining the attention of educators who are interesting in improving student achievement and teacher effectiveness by leveraging digital tools to enable innovation, said Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow

Speak Up 2013 findings show growth in flipped classroom implementation District Administration. By Ariana Fine.

The white paper, Speak Up 2013 National Research Project Findings: A Second Year Review of Flipped Learning, reveals significant growth in just one year in interest and implementation of flipped classrooms and a drop in concerns about student online access.

CoSN 2014: Flipped Learning Interest on the Rise EdTech. By Marla Clark.

New Speak Up data reveals enthusiasm for leveraging digital tools and upending traditional instructional methods.

Press Release: More Administrators and Teachers Point to Flipped Learning Use and Potential eSchool News.

These results show that both more professional development for teachers and tapping into librarians and media specialists to support teachers’ fledgling implementations of flipped learning show great promise

Modifying the Flipped Classroom: the “In Class” Version Edutopia. By Jennifer Gonzalez.

So. You’ve tried flipping your class, and it didn’t go well. Or you’ve heard about flipping and want to try the approach, but you’re pretty sure it won’t work in your school. Don’t give up yet — with a slight twist, flipping might be possible for you after all.

Toward a common definition of “Flipped Learning”  The Chronicle. By Robert Talbert.

But one thing that’s been lacking has been a consensus on what the flipped classroom actually is. If a professor assigns readings to do before class and then holds discussions in class, is that “the flipped classroom”?

Professors: Here’s how to flip your classroom eCampusNews. By Brian Lukoff and Matthew Stoltzfus

The flipped classroom model allows for a deeper, more hands-on, and more engaging experience for students in the classroom, enabling students to start with lower level concepts at home and discuss higher-level concepts or areas of struggle in the classroom.

Busan Schools Flip Korea’s Society, Classrooms  Forbes. By Michael Horn

The flipped classrooms in Busan are a big step in that direction. As Lee said, what education technology can do is humanize the class, as it increases the relationship between the teacher to students and students to students.

Mich. school flips traditional ideas on homework upside down  CBS Evening News. By Elaine Quijano.

“The teacher didn’t get up and say, ‘Here’s a worksheet, this is how you do it on the board,'” Larontay says. “He said, ‘Here’s an activity, here’s a video to go along with it. We’re all going to talk about it and solve any questions or problems that you have.'”

The Definition of Flipped Learning
Including the Four Pillars of F-L-I-P and the 11 indicators received almost 4 million press imprints when it was released March 13, 2014.

Flip your PD for Extra Flexibility & Support Powerful Learning Practice. By Jennifer Carey.

Flipping PD has allowed me to make my training more efficient from the get-go, provide continuous support, and allow everyone flexibility with their schedules. It’s now a proven model that I will continue to use; its success has been greater than any previous training experience I have provided.

The More I Lecture, The Less I Know If They Understand   TeachThought. By Grant Wiggins.

So, we need to use the logic of backward design to critically explore the issue of the appropriateness of lecturing. The logical question is: What is the best use of time in class and out of class, given our goals and given the availability of modern educational resources beyond the words of the lecturer?

February 2014 

The Flipped Classroom: A disruptive revolution in pedagogy, or yet another educational fad?  Slate Education. By Rebecca Schuman

But professors are forever annoyed—often justifiably so—at the possibility of “disrupting” an instructional style that is often the result of years of trial and error. Does flipping work? And if so, what, exactly, were we doing in college for all these hundreds of years?

DODDS- Europe Teachers Find Success with ‘Flipped Classroom’ Approach Stars and Stripes. By Jennifer H. Svan

Welcome to “flipped mastery,” an innovative approach to learning that a group of Department of Defense Dependents Schools-Europe teachers in Germany are using to help more students succeed in math.

Lets Scramble, Not Flip the classroom  Inside Higher Ed. By Pamela E. Barnett

Words matter. If we enact truly flipped or reversed classrooms, we have missed an opportunity. I think it is time to update our vocabulary, guiding the dominant conceptualization toward a more nuanced practice for the good of our students. What is good for our students is a scramble or mix of direct instruction and practice and feedback

Personalized Progress: How Tech Model is Driving Achievement District Administration. By Ilana Kowarski.

People are seeing the results of personalized learning and the improvements in student achievement, and that’s what educators live and die by in this high-stakes testing environment.

Three Reasons to Flip Your Classroom. TESOL connections. By Helaine W. Marshall.

In this article, one of Flipped Learning Network’s board members Helaine Marshall writes, “The student population English language educators serve, for whom the language of instruction itself is a major challenge, may stand to benefit the most from this type of instruction.”

Flipped Learning: Maximizing  Face time ASTD.  By Aaron Sams & Jon Bergmann.

How can educational class time and professional training time be maximized to meet the demands of specialized instruction, difficult schedules, various learning styles, expensive travel costs, and constantly changing curriculum?

For complete coverage of Flipped Classroom Open Houses on Feb 5, click here.

Flipped Learning ABC-7, Washington, D.C area.

Flipped Learning Day is February 5th and Oakton Schools showcases a flipped chemistry class and explains student and teacher perspectives on Flipping.

How to Make the Most of the Flipped Classroom.  Campus Technology. By David Raths.

Barbara, who has been flipping since 2011, recommended being prepared for unexpected things to happen and being ready to adjust. Some activities that you might expect to take very little time will take much more, she noted. Others you expect to take the whole period may just take a few minutes, so you have to have other activities ready. “You are giving up control, so you have to be emotionally prepared for that. But it is a good thing.”

Flipped Classroom: NMC Horizon Report 2014. NMC Horizon Report on Higher Education 2014.

An added benefit of the flipped classroom is that it helps students develop the skills needed to be successful in the workforce. Healthcare is moving towards teams of collaborating practitioners; the Duke Institute for Brain Science has used the flipped classroom as a way to develop stronger collaboration and creative thinking skills in emerging practitioners.

January 2014 

An Economics Experiment: Flipping the Lecture Class.The Brown Daily Herald. By Gadi Cohen.

Dal Bo said he thinks students in the flipped section enjoyed the course more. When they evaluated the course at the end of the semester, students praised the group problem-solving sessions and the videos, he said.

Assessing the Flipped Classroom’s Impact on Learning. Campus Technology. By David Raths.

The flipped classroom model is becoming more popular, but does it increase learning and retention? Four Harvey Mudd College (CA) professors have been awarded a three-year, $199,544 National Science Foundation grant to study that question.

Empowering Students through Flipped Learning SmartBlog on Education. By Tom Driscoll.

I immediately noticed that by implementing this style of teaching, my students were more empowered and developed deeper ownership of their learning.

How to Make the Most of the Flipped Classroom. Campus Technology. By David Raths.

“I wanted to turn the classroom into an arena of inquiry,” he said. He is continually testing out new classroom activities in his course “Metabolism, Genes and Development,” which usually has 20 to 40 students. “It is not easy to do well,” he warned.

Six Inspiring Videos about Flipped Learning.  Flipped History. By Tom Driscoll.

In this post are six incredible videos of leaders in the Flipped Learning community that inspired me to dive into the movement and innovate with my students over the past four years.  These are also great videos to share with those who are new to Flipped Learning and want to see how it works in action.

Flipped Teaching is Changing the way Students Learn. CBS Evening News. With Dean Reynolds.

Science teacher Collin Black is among he teachers who have embraced what’s called flipped classrooms. They condense their lectures into brief, homemade videos so that students can watch them at home after doing “homework” in class.

Introducing TED-Ed Clubs TED blog.

Announcing TED-Ed clubs, for any student interested in giving a TED talk…. while TED-Ed Clubs offer students the opportunity to connect with others who, like them, are unabashedly curious about the world, TED-Ed Clubs are also about presentation literacy.

CONVENE– “Flipping” the Classroom for Meetings. International Meetings Review. By Barbra Palmer.

Their experiment ignited a global movement — thousands of teachers in U.S. classrooms and around the world have adopted their methods, reporting rising performance levels and test scores.

Response: ‘Flipped Learning’ Makes Teachers More Valuable Education Week. By Larry Ferlazzo.

What are best practices to make a flipped classroom model work? Today’s post includes positive responses from educators Jonathan Bergmann and Troy Cockrum, along with comments from readers.

December 2013

Response: To Flip, Or Not To Flip, A Classroom – That Is The Question Education Week. By Larry Ferlazzo.

What are best practices to make a flipped classroom model work?I have to say that I have absolutely no experience with a flipped classroom… so I called on several educators who did to respond to [this] question.

Education reform has to start in the ‘Flipped Classroom’ The Nation. By Suthichai Yoon

But unless changes happen in the classroom, Thailand’s education reform will be stuck in the mud for a long, long time to come

Not Just Flipped edtech digest. By Tom Driscoll.

Flipped learning and another element empowers students at Putnam High School.

Schooled: The Flipped Classroom (Slate Podcast) Harvard Sunoikisis. By Dana Goldstein.

Is school backward? In this episode, I talk to Jonathan Bergmann, a teacher and educational technology advocate, and Frank Noschese, a science teacher and blogger who is skeptical of flipping.

Why 86 Percent of UNC- Chapel Hill Students Prefer the Flipped Classroom  EdTech. By: Jimmy Daly.

I imagine that the flipped classroom will become standard in higher education as more faculty experience the qualitative and quantitative benefits.

Flipped Classroom Boosts Exam Grades, Flips Perception eCampusNews. By: Jake New.

With faculty in half of college lecture halls and classrooms now using flipped learning models, it’s safe to say the method is no longer a fad. But does it actually improve a student’s education?

Don’t Make These Mistakes About Flipped Learning eSchool News. By Meris Stansbury.

To get the most out of flipped learning, the trick is in the design.

How One School Turned Homework on its Head with ‘Flipped’ Instruction PBS Newshour. By: Mike Fritz.

“We were desperate for change,” said Green. And, he suggests, change has come.

November 2013

“Flipped Classroom” Model Shows Proven Progress in Addressing Broken Educational Experience in the U.S.    Market Watch. Source: Sonic Foundry Inc.

First Comprehensive National Survey Reveals Increased Adoption of the Model in the Next 12 Months, Fueled by Improved Student Mastery and Retention of Curriculum

The Biggest Hurdle to Flipping your Class Edutopia. By: Jon Bergmann.

I have been asked on a number of occasions what is the biggest hurdle that teachers need to overcome in order to flip their classrooms. In my experience, the number one hurdle is that teachers need to flip their thinking about class time.

Beyond the Basics of the Flipped Classroom. The Journal. By Dian Schaffhauser.

Flipped learning has been around long enough now for teachers to figure out their own variations. Here are seven tweaks to the flip worth trying in your classroom.

Education 3.0: ‘Learning Psychology’- Embracing Better Ways to Teach Wired. By: Dr. Jeff Borden, Pearson.

Educational theory, cognitive psychology, flipped learning, service learning, and other innovations represent years of study, theory, and thought about “better ways” to teach and learn. Yet, if you talk to most academics, these conceptual / philosophical / researched pieces of the profession are often ignored for a variety of reasons.

October 2013 

10 Must Watch Videos for Flipped Learning

But flipped learning doesn’t have to consist of videos of a hand on a whiteboard, and it doesn’t have to discuss how to multiply fractions in monotone—after all, there’s a whole YouTube world out there.

In ‘Flipped’ Classrooms, a Method for Mastery The New York Times Opinionator. By Tina Rosenberg.

Since the flipped classroom eliminates the whole-class lecture, they’ve realized, it has also eliminated the reason for students to work at a uniform pace.

The Flipped Class: Homework at School, Lessons at Home CBS New York.

While flipping the class is relatively new, many at the school said it’s likely the wave of the future

Project Based Learning and Flipped Classrooms: There Really is a Connection Tech & Learning. By Michael Gorman

As we look at the process of PBL and Flipped Learning we can begin to see how the two together can promote Bloom’s higher order learning.  Together they provide a streamlining of valuable time, which in turn allows for increased productivity.

Turning Education Upside Down The New York Times Opinionator. By Tina Rosenberg.

The flipped classroom is a new experience for students — but also for teachers, who are going from “sage on the stage” to “guide on the side,” as many education writers put it. For good teachers, that’s liberating.

‘Flipped Classrooms’ may not have any affect on learning   USA Today. By Emily Atteberry.

But four professors at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, Calif. who are studying the effectiveness of a flipped classroom have bad news for advocates of the trend: it might not make any difference.

Rebuttal to the USA article  e-literature. By Phil Hill.

A response to the USA Today article on Flipped Classroom Research.

Still in Favor of the Flip: Another Response to the USA Today Article Inside Higher Ed. By Carl Straumsheim.

The widespread support may be why Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams, two of the earliest advocates of the flipped teaching model, said they have not seen a recent surge in criticism. Bergmann called the study out of Harvey Mudd an outlier.

September 2013 

The Flipped Classroom: Chaos or Cutting Edge? By Roberta Munoz.

While mainstream education reform revolves around high stakes standardized testing, the flipped model encourages intellectual “feeling out” of important concepts rather than academic performance.

Honing the Flipped Classroom The Journal. By Bridget McCrea.

Serving a large student body that’s wired for the kind of learning that that the flipped classroom provides, a Texas school district invests time, money, and energy into creating course content the students can access on their own time.

Blended Learning Implementation 2.0 Released! Digital Learning Now!.

Three leading organizations partner to release updated version of blended learning guide.

Teach Kids About Copyright: A List of Resources From Creative Commons By Jane Park.

The following list of resources are open educational resources (OER), licensed under a CC license that enables free and legal reuse, redistribution and remix. In short, stuff that is free and just fine and even great to copy!

3 Ways Colleges Are Adapting to Online Learning U.S. News & Report. By Suzanne Satline.
Sophomore Maria Clarice Chua says that previewing material before class helps students to understand how to use the various digital formats when they meet. Class time allows for “more of a hands on approach,” she notes. “It’s much more rewarding.”

“Flipped Classroom” showing promise in Penn Manor  Lancaster Newspapers. By Elaine J. Jones.

One early assessment revealed that all flipped classroom students in grades four and six scored 100 percent on vocabulary, while scores in traditional classes average in the 90s.
The Post-Lecture Classroom: How Will Students Fare? The Atlantic. By Robinson Meyer.

A three-year study examining student performance in a “flipped classroom” — a class in which students watch short lecture videos at home and work on activities 

The Flipped Classroom Boosts Grades 5%. That’s As Big As We Can Expect.  TechCrunch. By Gregory Ferenstein.

If 5% doesn’t sound like a lot of improvement, prepare to be disappointed: researchers rarely find anything bigger.

August 2013

Three Reasons to Flip Your Classroom tesol. By Helaine Marshall.

This article examines how flipped learning can be implemented with English learners (ELs) and the reasons it holds promise for their classroom success.

New Online and Blended Learning Research Database is a Critical Contribution to the Field Evergreen Education Group. By John Watson.

iNACOL and the Michigan Virtual Learning Institute recently announced the release of its database of research studies into online blended learning.

The Condensed Classroom The Atlantic. By Ian Bogost.

“Flipped” classrooms don’t invert traditional learning so much as abstract it

Flipping Law School Classes Best Practices for Legal Education. By Michele Pistone.

I flipped my class yesterday. And I think it worked!

We Need More EdTech, But Less Technology In The Classroom By Jordan Shapiro.

The classroom is not where my students listen (or consume what I deliver).

Blended Learning Improves Test Scores  Information Week Education. By Kelly Sheridan.

High school students who used algebra software to supplement traditional classroom lectures did better on testes than those who didn’t in two-year study by the Department of Education, RAND.

Focus on Teachers: Katie Christie, Using Technology to “Flip” Her Classroom. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. By Vicki Phillips

So, what does Katie’s “flipped classroom” look like?

Three Cheers for School! Building a Better School Day. Parade Magazine (An insert in over 600 Sunday newspapers). By Michael Brick.

7 inspiring ideas to deepen learning, engage students, close achievement gaps, and better prepare our kids for a 21st-century world.

July 2013

Flipped Out. Spirit, Southwest Airlines inflight magazine. By Jennifer Miller
In the Digital Age, learning is no longer fundamental—at least as it was defined by the old school. Now, some basics of education are being rethought, and the meaning of “homeroom” has changed forever.

Classes should do hands-on exercises before reading and video. Stanford News. By David Plotnikoff
The research comes out as the idea of a “flipped classroom,” in which students first watch videos or read texts and then do projects in the classroom, has been growing in popularity. The study’s conclusion suggests that the current model of the flipped classroom should itself be flipped upside down. The researchers advocate the “flipped flipped classroom,” in which videos come after exploration and not before.

Flipped Classroom Interactive Learning Techniques to Promote Active Learning and Near Transfer. Resus Review. By Charles Bruen
Offers 14 suggestions for “Interactive Learning Techniques,” or what to do in the classroom the next day.

June 2013

The Flipped Classroom  The  FLTmag. By Edwige Simon & Courtney Fell.

For many teachers, flipping makes sense given the conditions in which they teach language, whether they have mixed levels or large classes. For Mahajan, it allows her to “balance in class and out of class work in a way that makes effective use of the tools of the digital age.”

Educators ‘Flip’ at Session.
Stillwater Gazette. By Avery CroppFlipCon13 Teachers teach teachers about flipped learning

‘Flipped’ PD Initiative Boosts Teachers’ Tech Skills. Education Week. By Robin L. Flanigan
A Minnesota district relies on video and job-embedded coaching to improve teachers’ tech skills

May 2013

Digital Video Transforms Teaching Practices. Education Week. By Ian Quillen

Perhaps no single technology has brought a more profound change to some teachers’ instructional practices than the evolution of digital video.

Tools and Tips for the Flipped Classroom. Tech & Learning, By Ellen Ullman

According to teachers who have successfully adopted a flipped classroom format, the best part of the process is devoting more time to deeper discussions, small-group projects, and one-on-one interventions. Here are the stories of four teachers who’ve flipped over flipping.

April 2013

Walking The Tightrope By TechSmith

Stillwater Area Public Schools needed a better way to reach students, so they started flipping classes. When the district realized that they also needed a better way to connect with their teachers, they decided to flip their professional development as well. Read the story to find out how flipping their professional development affected teachers.

Read the case study PDF here

Flipped Learning in the Science and English Classrooms – Two Case Studies. NJ Education Now. By Marc Seigel and Kate Baker.

Flipped Learning has been drawing a lot of attention lately for how it is changing education. Educators of all grade levels and subjects are embracing this methodof teaching. Read two perspectives from New Jersey educators.

School Library Journal. Flipping the Classroom: A revolutionary approachto learning presents some pros and cons, By Karen Springen

Librarians help teachers flip the classroom—and the media center. Pat Semple, a librarian at Bullis School in Potomac, MD, gives students videos, Web pages, and screenshots about the nuts and bolts of the library, which frees up more time to devote to their research projects.

March 2013

The Flipped Classroom: A Student’s Perspective. Innovation & Research Network. By Jon Bergmann and his daughter Kaitie.

“For the first time ever I had the ability to “pause the teacher” while watching the lectures online. Working on my own timetable allowed me to explore learning styles and techniques, and to hone in on the way that I learn best,” writes this high school senior.

Flip Your Students’ Learning. ASCD. By Sams & Bergmann.
Flipped learning helps teachers move away from direct instruction as their primary teaching tool toward a more student-centered approach.

Inside the inverted transition-to-proofs class: What the students said. The Chronicle of Higher Education. By Robert Talbert.

“It turns out that I had nothing to worry about — most students, if not all, were really on board with the inverted classroom from the beginning and could really see the value in doing class this way.”

Flipped Learning: Upending time on task in school and at home. AASA’s School Administrator. Key articles By Scott LaFee and Kathleen Fulton.

This past year, the Piedmont City, Ala., School District piloted 12 flipped classrooms in grades 4-12 in math, science, social studies and reading. “What I observed…in the classroom at Piedmont Elementary School exemplifies the potential for personalized learning through flipped instruction,” wrote Matt Akin, superintendent.

Durant Road Middle (NC) teachers flip classes with video lectures. North Raleigh News.

Test scores also seem to show that the (flipped learning) model is working. From the 2010-2011 school year to 2011-2012, the percentage of eighth-graders at or above grade level in math at Durant rose 4.4 percentage points, from 85.8 percent to 90.2 percent, according to data compiled by the Wake Education Partnership.

February 2013

Inverted Learning HuffPost Live

Lively discussion on Flipped Learning.

New ‘flipped classroom’ learning model catching on in Wisconsin schools. Wisconsin State Journal By Matthew DeFour.

In Wisconsin, the Department of Public Instruction is strongly advocating for innovations such as the flipped classroom. K-12 schools, institutes of higher education, even the Madison Fire Department is flipping.

How a flipped classroom flipped a student’s perspective. eSchoolNews. By Kylie McAuley

“I truly believe that the flipped classroom has changed my life, and opened many doors. This year has been a really exciting one for me,” writes Kylie McAuley, a 12th grade student at Clintondale HS in Mich.

Can flipping the classroom fix the educational system? KPCC AirTalk with Larry Mantle

What’s the upside for learning? More one-on-one time with a teacher to answer questions, explain difficult concepts and overcome stumbling blocks.

‘Flipping’ class gaining momentum among educators. Sacramento Bee By Diana Lambert

The flipped classroom offers a “more humanized classroom.”

‘Flipped Learning’ Gains Popularity in Okla. Metro. KOKH Fox25

Teacher Jon Arthur says ”Rather than me being the center of the classroom as the teacher, we are making the kids the center, and they are kind of in control of their learning.”

Flipping Your Faculty Meetings. Tech & Learning. By Nancy Caramanico

Based on the popular flipped classroom concept, in the flipped faculty meeting, teachers are given informational items to read and view in advance.

January 2013

Teachers Flip for ‘Flipped Learning’ Class Model, AP Story, By Christina Hoag

Just some of the news outlets that picked up this story! ABC News     USA Today     Huffington Post

Teachers Consider Flipped Learning The Torch, Glenbrook (IL) High School student newspaper. By Natalie Knez

Ryan Bretag, the coordinator of instructional technology at Glenbrook North, would like students to choose where they get their information. “I support the notion of finding ways to re-deliver content,” he said.

It’s Never Too Late to Flip! Internet@ Schools, By Pat Semple

As the upper school librarian at the Bullis School in Potomac, Md., I’m viewed as a valued resource by teachers who are preparing to embark on research projects with their students.

Flipping Out–A New Model to Reach All Students All Ways Internet@ Schools, By Victor Rivero

Tools for Learning explores some of the technologies, tools, and platforms that will enable you to succeed in implementing this great new teaching and learning model.

Is It Really Hip to Flip? THE Journal, By Patricia Deubel

“Try it! You might like it!” is not a sufficient reason for initiating flipped instruction. What are the questions educators should be asking in order to ensure the best outcomes for students?

December 2012

What Is The Flipped Classroom Model And Why Is It Amazing? Forbes Magazine

Read the eight pros and five cons.(With Infographic).

Forest Grove teacher flips classroom, turns learning upside down. The Oregonian, By Deborah Bloom.

Nichole Carter, like many teachers across the country, has dispensed of traditional teaching methods in favor of a new model: the “flipped” classroom. It’s part of a sweeping trend that encourages the use of technology to replace group learning with a more personalized, blended teaching experience.

More Teachers ‘Flipping’ The School Day Upside Down, NPR (KUNC), All Things Considered, by Grace Hood

“It’s about that personalized face-to-face time. Now that you’re not spending all of class time doing lectures, you’re working one on one with students,” Jerry Overmyer says. “How are you going to use that time?”

Flipped Learning PD — Flipping Together, Pearson/FLN
Announcing new partnership and blended learning course description — online modules, full day of onsite training, and remote mentoring.

How Administrators Can Support Flipped Learning, Schoolwires/FLN

Read the 12 tips: Give teachers time to adjust; roll out changes slowly and create an implementation plan; create open and collaborative learning spaces where kids can work together to solve problems using digital devices.

November 2012

Loud and Proud: What makes your school cool? Fox21News
Students and teachers at Vista Ridge High School in Colorado Springs say flipped learning makes it cool!

16 flipped learning uses in K-12 and college classrooms, Education Dive, By Roger Riddell
Great list of 16 examples of flipped learning at all levels nationwide and abroad.

Flipping the Script in K12, District Administration, By Ed Finkel
It’s unknown how many schools or teachers use flipped learning now, but one measure of its recent growth is the explosive upsurge of users—from 2,500 to 9,000 since January—on the Ning social media site of the Flipped Learning Network.

Students take lesson home, do work in class, The Cincinnati Enquirer, By Denise Smith Amos
James Zoller, who teaches 7th grade world history at Wyoming Middle school, often “flips” his lessons – reversing the traditional order of things. He says students gain a deeper understanding of the lesson material and get more one-on-one attention from him.

In This Flipped Class, Teachers Learn From Students’ Video, THE Journal, By Kim Fortson
As many students can attest, video creation doesn’t have to be difficult and it certainly doesn’t have to be scary.

October 2012

Gulf Highlands Elem. explores computer-centered, ‘flipped’, Tampa Bay Times, By Jeffrey S. Solochek
Mrs. Gillies is a devotee of the flip, because she’s seen student responsibility and performance rise. “I really try to make it student-centered, so they don’t see me as the only expert in the room,” she said.

Students flip in this classroom, Brantford (Ontario) Expositor, By Susan Gamble
“We’re creating innovators who learn to use their creativity and thinking skill in class,” said Mr. McCleary.

Flipped classrooms turn learning aroundHouston Chronicle, By Monica Rhor
“In school, some kids keep talking and you miss stuff,” said Alyssa Bell, 14, a freshman in Mrs. Allred’s class. “When you watch a video, you don’t have to contend with that. You go at your own pace. It’s just about you.”

Internet ‘flips’ the idea of how to teach a class, StarTribune, By Jenna Ross
Jason Carlson, who teaches (biology class) at St. Cloud Technical and Community College, is one of a growing number of college instructors who have “flipped” their courses.

Phi Delta Kappan: New Styles of Instruction
Before you Flip, Consider This, By Bergmann and Sams, and 10 reasons to flip, By Kathleen Fulton

Flipped Classrooms 101, By Jerry Overmyer
The National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) weighs in on flipped learning.

To Flip or Not to Flip: That Is NOT the Question! By Linda M. Gojak, President, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
Teaching is a complex activity. Student needs, teacher content knowledge, conceptual understanding vs. procedural skills, district curriculum, teaching materials, and standards must all be considered as we plan instruction.

September 2012

Five Buzzwords you’re likely to hear in education this year CNN
Education, like any other profession, has a language all its own. CNN compiled a short list of some of the words and phrases you are likely to come across this academic year… Some schools have reported higher attendance rates and test scores as a result of flipping.

A Teacher’s Challenge: Empowering Today’s Digital Natives for Tomorrow, Huffington Post
Bill Nye, the science guy, flips for flipped learning. “I’ve had the joy of witnessing this [excitement] firsthand with students of all ages — seeing what happens when we, as adults and educators, give a student a nudge in a new direction.”

Teachers ‘flip’ over technology, redefine their classrooms Orlando Sentinel
One survey of nearly 500 teachers conducted by the Flipped Learning Network, a group started by the founders of the practice, shows that nearly 90 percent of teachers using the technique were happier about their jobs, and 67 percent had increased student test scores.

Flipped classrooms create magic and controversy in schools Vancouver Sun
The results, she said, were magical. Class time was no longer consumed by the lecture, allowing more project-based learning and giving Durley opportunities to work individually with the 28-30 students in each of her biology classes.

Flipped Classrooms switch homework with school work, WXIA-TV Atlanta Channel 11
“Not in the sense that we’re going to be doing back handsprings in class, but in the sense that what you’ve traditionally done as homework, will now be done in school,” Miller said as she explained to students what a flipped classroom is all about.

August 2012

Educators Evaluation Flipped Classroooms, Education Week
The teachers found that the technique allowed them to spend more time with students one-on-one and to provide just-in-time intervention when students needed it. They also noticed an uptick in test scores in the students using the flipped-class technique.

My View: It’s never too late to begin flipped your classroom, CNN
Mother-daughter team flip their math classes. “Before I flipped my classroom, all I could think about was my retirement. But now I’m completely re-energized and looking forward to flipping next year for all of my classes,” wrote Wendy Roshan.

New Teaching Method ‘Flips’ Classroom Learning, KLTV, Decatur, AL
A 6th grade math class at Oak Park will try out the new method this year. The students will get netbooks, and they will take advantage of the flip method. Educators who have studied this method said there are several advantages to this new way of teaching, including fewer high school dropouts and higher grades. It also takes some burden off parents.

July 2012

Bill Gates Talks…at ECS Forum, Education Week, By Andrew Ujifusa
Microsoft founder Bill Gates, speaking at the Education Commission of the States’ National Forum on Education Policy came out in support of flipped classrooms and teachers’ use of videos of their classroom instruction to identify at what points students became bored and when change their instructional approaches.

June 2012

Why Flipped Classrooms are Here to Stay, Education Week, by Sams and Bergmann
It was a simple observation: The time when students really need educators to be physically present is when they get stuck on homework questions and need individual help. They don’t need the teacher in the room to talk at them and give them information; they can receive that knowledge and content on their own.

Flipped Classes: Dispelling Myths and Sharing What WorksConverge Magazine, By Tanya Roscorla
Center for Digital Education caught up with a proponent of the flipped classroom model to talk about what the flipped class is and isn’t.

The Flip Side of Classroom Learning, Washington Post, by Valerie Strauss
Bullis School teacher finds a formula for success in having students do homework at school and study at home. Stacey Roshan, AP Calculus teacher, and her students reveal their success.

How the “Flip” will Work in Rural Illinois Washington Post, by Valerie Strauss
In the Havana School District in Mason Co., with nearly 65% free/reduced lunch count, all 24 high school teachers will use this method starting in August.

May 2012

The Truth about Flipped Learning, eSchool News, by Aaron Sams and Brian Bennett
A flipped classroom is all about watching videos at home and then doing worksheets in class, right? Wrong! Consider carefully the assumptions and sources behind this oversimplified description.

Upside Down and Inside Out, Learning & Leading with Technology, ISTE, by Kathleen Fulton
Some of the most enthusiastic advocates (of flipped learning) are the math teachers at Minnesota’s Byron High School, which was the 2011 Intel winner for high school mathematics.
Point/Counterpoint monthly column: To Flip or Not to Flip? by Aaron Sams (writing for the Flip side) and Derrick Waddell (writing for the Don’t Flip side)

Pioneering Flipped Educators Launch ‘Flipped Learning Network’
Press Release: Flipped Learning pioneers Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams have launched the Flipped Learning Network™, a non-profit organization for teachers interested in the Flipped Learning ideology.

How to Implement the Flipped Class, eSchool News
Despite the attention that the videos get, the greatest benefit to any flipped classroom is not the video. With direct instruction moved outside of the classroom, students are able to conduct higher-quality and more engaging activities.
Sidebar: How to make videos your student will love in 5 steps.

Flipped for Fitness, eSchool News, by Jason Hahnstadt
I know what you’re thinking – “Technology in PE? Is this guy crazy?” While I admit that PE is likely the last educational frontier you would expect to see being reshaped by the digital revolution, this is exactly what is happening at my school.

eSchool News, Special Feature Issue — Best Practices on Flipped Learning
Multiple stories including a firsthand look at a flipped class, the Flipped Open House, responses to criticisms, and video lessons offered by thought leaders. Also, the full page color ad for the Flipped Confernce in June!

Free Internet lessons challenge textbook market for public schools, Washington Post, by Michael Chandler
For a modern take on Shakespeare, Montgomery Co middle school teacher Amy Soldavini recently borrowed an online lesson comparing hip-hop artists to the Bard.

April, 2012

Flipping the Classroom, Tech & Learning
10 Reasons Why to Flip, book excerpt by Bergmann and Sams
Video Tips: Making a One-take Video, By Michael Gorman
Another Take: Five Reasons I’m Not Flipping Over The Flipped Classroom By Lisa Nielsen

The Educational Renaissance Edudemic, By Jeff Dunn
“That’s right, we’re in a renaissance. I use that term because it’s become readily apparent that we are seeing more innovation than ever before. More teachers are taking chances and harnessing the power of technology than ever before. But who is the next person to continue the evolution of the education world?”

The Digital Education Revolution, Cont’d: Meet TED-Ed’s New Online Learning Platform The Atlantic, By Megan Garber
Aaron Sams: “I asked myself, ‘What’s the most valuable thing to do with the face time I have with my students?’” he says. “And the answer was not, ‘Stand up and lecture them.”

A New Homework Strategy: Flipped Classrooms Hartford (CT) Currant, by Teresa Pelham
Known as “Flipping the Classroom,” this method of teaching is a bold, yet common-sense approach that students are eating up and just might change the way our kids learn.

‘Flipped Classroom’ Getting A Tryout at Suburban High Schools CBS Chicago, By Mary Kay Kleist
Kids often complain about too much homework. But what if they could cut the load by 75 percent?

Flint-area educators pioneering Flip Teaching movement Michigan Live, by Blake Thorne
In Flint, Mike Peter’s high school introduction to economics lesson starts similar to any other teacher’s. But his lesson was prerecorded into a video camera and delivered to students via a web page.

Flipping the Classroom Podcast American RadioWorks, by Steven Smith
This week we talk to a teacher who’s helping lead the “flipped” classroom movement. Instead of spending class time lecturing at a podium, Jonathan Bergmann videotapes lessons for students to watch outside of class. He spends classroom time doing more interactive, hands-on activities.

How one Michigan classroom has reversed work at school and home American Public Radio
Teachers in Clintondale High School, just outside of Detroit, have reversed the places where students do schoolwork and homework. Teachers make videos of their lessons for students to watch at home, and they help students do the homework in the classroom.

The Flip: Classwork at home, homework in class Washington Post, By Valerie Strauss
High school chemistry teacher Jonathan Bergmann used to teach a lesson in class, help students after school and give them standard homework assignments. But seven years ago, he and Aaron Sams, another teacher at Woodland Park High School in Colorado, decided to do something different. The initial impetus was reducing the time kids spend with teachers after school. The result has been a total rethinking of how classrooms operate, all based on a question every teacher should be asking: “What is the best use of our face-to-face class time?”

Flipping the Classroom Requires More Than Video WIRED, By Kevin Makice
The term “flipped classroom” is most attributed to two chemistry teachers from Colorado, Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams, who pioneered the use of screencasting and video podcasting in 2006 to deliver content for their high school science classes.

Inside the Flip Classroom THE Journal, By Kathleen Fulton
By 5:01 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon, Byron High School (MN) math teacher Troy Faulkner has already received five e-mails from his students: “Where’s tomorrow’s video lesson? We are waiting!”

‘Flipped’ classes take learning to new places The Columbus Dispatch, By Charlie Boss
Since the start of the school year, many of Wayne Tsai’s math students have been watching his lectures at home or in the computer lab.

March, 2012

School your school: Teachers are turning the classroom model upside down, and getting result Scholastic Administr@tor, By Kate Rix
Three years ago, more than half of the freshman class at Clintondale High School outside Detroit failed English in the fall semester, failure rates for math, science, and social studies were similarly high. Things have changed with a new method of delivery.

Providence Day tries tech-savvy teaching: Private Charlotte school tries tech-savvy teaching for digital generation Charlotte Observer, By Ann Doss Helms
Providence Day School’s 10th-grade students get their lectures on “vodcasts” – like podcasts, only on video – which they can watch whenever and wherever they like.

February, 2012

A first-hand look inside a flipped classroom: Global open house exposes the ‘flipped learning’ approach to the public eSchool News, By Meris Stansbury
There have been many school reform trends over the past few years: student response systems, video games for math, mobile phones for learning—but none have completely transformed the notion of learning like the flipped classroom.

January, 2012

Teachers ‘flip’ their lectures, homework to reach more students: The idea is that by working on ‘homework’ in class, teachers and students get more out of their time together. York (PA) Daily Record, By Angie Mason
He just couldn’t reach some students with some concepts. But now, he’s flipped his physics classroom upside down, and he says the results are showing in students’ grades and attitudes.

My View: Flipped classrooms give every student a chance to succeed. CNN, Schools of Thought, By Greg Green
“I’m a principal at Clintondale High (MI), a financially challenged school near Detroit. We are a school of choice, so not all students come in with the same skill levels in reading, math, science or other subjects. Almost 75% of our students receive free or reduced-price lunch. How do you get your staff on board with change you want to implement, but no one else has ever tried it on a mass scale? How do you get your students excited about learning when they’ve never shown much interest before? You flip it. Here’s how it works….

Follow up story, Q & A with Greg Green