12 Ways to Create Flipped or Blended Learning Content – No 10: EdPuzzle


Add Your own Question Sets to Any Video? For Free? Yup. EdPuzzle.

So here we are, No. 10 in our series on varied approaches to creating flipped and blended learning content. Before moving forward, let’s take a quick look back at the myriad approaches we’ve written about over the last few months:

In this post, we’ll introduce a tool that educators across the world have embraced: EdPuzzle. This web app enables you (at no cost) to build questions into pretty much any video, and get viewing stats and question results for your students. That’s powerful stuff … like the old Guiness commercial used to say: “Brilliant!”

Why EdPuzzle?

Being able to embed your own questions into any video allows you to turn it into your own lesson AND ensure student engagement with the content. And the viewing stats and quiz results combine to make this tool an absolute “home run”!

Here – take a look for yourself. Earlier this year I created this “Three Minute TOOL-torial” that introduces EdPuzzle:

We’ve also had a couple other posts here on the site about this beloved tool. Give these a look over to learn more about the tool:


So have fun exploring these videos and article, or go ahead and jump in, and start exploring it for yourself: edpuzzle.com



    • We’ve heard good things about PlayPosit and there are definitely plenty of flipped educators who are fans! We’re likely to see some posts here about it in the coming months (care to write one?). Thanks Paolo!

      • Sounds interesting. I’ve never written for a website though. I can definitely try. 🙂 I’ll send you a message through the Contact Form once I have something. Thanks, Kelly!

  • Thanks Aryan – I believe PlayPosit purchased the old EduCanon platform. I was a fan until I started using EdPuzzle and found it to provide better feedback on student progress. Not sure if they’ve improved on that.

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