Flipped Educator Spotlight (Interview): Stacey Roshan

For this installment of the Flipping Learning Network’s Educator Spotlight, I (Crystal Kirch) was able to chat with Stacey Roshan, a high school math teacher and Technology Coordinator at Bullis School in Maryland.

Stacey was one of the first #flipclass math teachers that I was able to connect with when I started flipping my own classes in the 2011-2012 school year.  I had the privilege of meeting her face to face at ISTE 2012, and have since been able to continue our connection virtually via Twitter and our respective blogs.  I appreciate Stacey’s purposeful approach to flipping her instruction, and her constant push to find more effective and engaging ways for her students to communicate their thinking.  

Stacey has so much experience with flipping a variety of classes, from AP Calculus to Honors Algebra 2, and now even to an online course.  I am confident that no matter your subject area, Stacey’s experiences will give you insight that will enhance your flipped classes.

Follow Stacey on Twitter, her blog, and check out some of the videos she creates for her students.  You can also check out one of the #Flipclass Introduction Videos she mentions.

For your reference, some tools Stacey mentions are:


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